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OP201 - Developing a Successful Online Program

Facilitator: Dr. Robert Roehrich
  • In most cases, launching an online program successfully requires more planning, time, and resources than will be available. Marrying the mission of the school, the demographics of students, the capabilities of faculty, and the technology is challenging. This course describes the phases of launching an online program and strategies for successful implementation. Each module is based on key decision points that need to be addressed before, during, and after each phase of implementation. Definitions of key terms and acronyms will help build confidence in discussing aspects of online program development with all of the stakeholders.

This course is currently being updated.
LS101 Do You Manage Or Lead? LS102 How Do You Lead? LS103 Your Leadership Impact LS104 Your Leadership Legacy LS105 Your Leadership Toolkit LS106 This Way to Leadership ML110 New Manager Transitions ML111 Leading and Motivating ML112 Team Leadership ML113 Team Management ML114 Meeting Management ML115 Project Management ML116 Writing Skills ML117 Presentation Skills ML118 Coaching Skills ML119 Persuasion Skills ML120 Feedback Skills ML121 Negotiation Skills ML122 Difficult Interactions ML123 Managing Upward ML124 Managing Virtual Teams ML125 Managing Diversity ML126 Effective Hiring ML127 Effective Delegation ML128 Retaining Employees ML129 Developing Employees ML130 Evaluating Employees ML131 Laying Off Employees ML132 Dismissing Employees ML133 Goal Setting ML134 Career Management ML135 Time Management ML136 Stress Management ML137 Change Management ML138 Crisis Management ML139 Customer Focus ML140 Marketing Essentials ML141 Finance Essentials ML142 Budgeting Essentials ML143 Creating a Business Case ML144 Creating a Business Plan ML145 Process Improvement ML146 Measuring Performance ML147 Decision Making ML148 Strategic Thinking ML149 Strategy Execution ML150 Innovation and Creativity ML151 Implementing Innovation OP105 Developing a Five-year Plan for Your Career School OP106 Developing New Career Programs: Research and Selection OP110 Developing Effective Advisory and Governing Boards OP115 Hiring the Right Faculty for Your School OP121 Managing Online Faculty at a Distance